Beth Conley
Actor | Singer | Dancer

"It's frantic, outrageous and hilarious and the cast delivers with all of the energy and impeccable comic timing a show like this requires. . . .

Every member of the cast finds the peculiarities and stereotypes of his or her character. . . .

Isaac Jankowski and Beth Conley hold their own playing the young couple in love with a roller-coaster of a relationship. Both actors demonstrate a knack for physical comedy."

-Review for The Fox on the Fairway at Tibbits Summer Theatre

Vocal Reel

Dance Reel

Shakespeare Monologue- 

Isabella, Measure for Measure


Contemporary Monologue- 

Well by Lisa Kron


Blow, Gabriel, Blow- Anything Goes (short clip)

You Are My Lucky Star- Singin' in the Rain (short clip)

Safer- First Date (short clip)

Joey is a Punk Rocker- Joe Iconis (short clip)

Pick Up Off the Floor- MIKA